Teressa writes about World Book Day in Bombita

Thanks to the efforts of Frakatia and Olga a ‘Bibliopatio’ event was held in April to celebrate World Book Day.

I think this might be the best event I’ve witnessed in my time in Bombita. Originally they had thought about simply doing presentations about a book. But when they brought this idea to me in March I challenged them about a number of organisational issues (a lack of multiple copies of the same book) and some pedagogical concerns I had (the difference between memorising and learning, the objective of World Book Day being participation and enjoyment of books).

As a result of this they came up with the ‘Library Patio’. Grades 5-8 were in charge of book stands and small groups of children from Kinder—4th grade were invited to come and choose a book to be read to them.

It was so fantastic to see so many children participating, to see older children modelling what it means to read to their younger counterparts and to see teachers encouraging children to take pleasure in reading. It was organised and beautiful. I hope I can successfully communicate to them why I’m so happy with this activity so that they can continue to build on their success in the future.

To go on a long journey there’s no better vessel than a book.

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