Sponsor a Student

COPA’s work is predominantly funded through a sponsorship program. For a small monthly fee, you can sponsor a child within one of the COPA schools. Of course, you are more than welcome to support more than one child!

As a sponsor, you will enable the essential work carried out by COPA to educate the young people of La Hoya and Bombita. Your help will make a difference to their lives by creating a sustainable change which ensures they are empowered within their communities in later life.

When you sponsor a COPA child you will receive a photograph of your child, plus letters, pictures, drawings and newsletters throughout the year. You also have the opportunity to communicate with your child via the school.

On a few occasions, we have been lucky enough for our sponsors to visit the Dominican Republic as part of a COPA workgroup and meet their sponsored students and families in the school or within their own homes – which has always proven to be a very special and emotional occasion for everyone.

Becoming a COPA Sponsor

For the convenience of our sponsors COPA run separate sponsorship programmes in the US, UK and Guernsey. This allows you the opportunity to select the most appropriate location and currency, and may also be able to benefit from local tax charity tax relief programmes such as Gift Aid in the UK.

Funding for the projects in the Dominican Republic are provided 50/50 between the US and UK/Guernsey so your donations are sure to reach those most in need regardless of which sponsorship program you choose.

Which Sponsorship Program do you want to use?

US Sponsorship Programme              UK/Guernsey Sponsorship Programme