Supporting communities in the Dominican Republic

Community Partners Association

COPA is changing.

For over 30 years COPA has been a partnership between communities in the Dominican Republic, the US, UK and Guernsey with the aim of improving education through support and maintenance of schools in La Hoya and Bombita.

During 2020 we announced that the child sponsorship scheme, which has always been the financial heartbeat of our work, would be phased out. This came at a time when the combined international committees felt that COPA had more than achieved its ambitions and a time when the Dominican Republic Government had become more positive with its education provision.

It has been recognised that the fantastic work and the influence that so many people, through their donations and volunteering, have had on the lives of the children of La Hoya and Bombita over the years. In gradually withdrawing our funding, we can be proud to say that COPA has achieved its aims and now is the time for the State and the community to continue that work using the skills and experience of the local Fundacion Committee.

Whilst the traditional COPA child sponsorship scheme has come to an end we will in the short-term continue to support the communities using funds which will cover ‘extras’ in the COPA Schools ensuring that the money has a direct effect on the education of its pupils. The long-term planned strategy is to hand over the full management of the COPA Schools to the Fundacion

Thank you for your continued support.


We are pleased to invite you to the 32nd AGM of COPA UK to be held on
Saturday 23rd September 2023.   This year’s AGM will be held in person at Cricklade United Church, Calcutt Street, Cricklade, SN6 6AZ and remotely, via Zoom. The Meeting will commence at 11 am but for those joining remotely the line will be open from 10:45 am.

The AGM Calling Notice can be downloaded here and a copy of the Annual Report and Accounts For the year ended 31st March 2023 can be downloaded here.