Faith In Bombita

Project Trust volunteer and Art teacher Laura Toffolo writes about her experiences of religion in Bombita.

The songs of worship give Bombita its sense of community.

For a village in which you could walk the circumference in a few minutes, Bombita has at least six different
churches. And these are only the ones which Fiona and I have discovered thus far; we forever seem to be hearing choirs of voices coming from never-before-noticed candle lit shacks functioning as churches.

For a community that faces so many problems it is the churches that hold it together. They give people a place to congregate each evening and share their love for each other. Babies are passed around, teenagers hold hands with their grandparents and the whole service is taken up with singing so beautiful that it lifts you, no matter how hard your day might have been.

I can’t imagine leaving this all behind, but for now I just want to soak it all up, so that I have as much as I can to remember before Bombita becomes that magical place that I spent a year in when I was seventeen

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