Get to know COPA’s new Project Director

Meet Candy, the new COPA Director, through an informed interval with Izzy Goddard, our Project Trust Volunteer.

Candy Reyes joined the COPA team earlier this year with an aim to improve the teaching standards of the schools in Bombita and La Hoya. She has connected on both a professional and personal level with the teaching staff, gaining the respect and ability needed to create a stronger connection between the district and the COPA schools.

Izzy asked Candy several questions to share her ideas and experiences with the wider COPA community:

Izzy Goddard: Where are you from?
Candy Reyes: I spent a large part of my childhood in Equador but I would say that from my heart I am from the Pines of Eden in La Descubierta, DR

Izzy Goddard: What did you do before working for COPA?
Candy Reyes: Before COPA I was in charge of the Optometer in the clinic Foundation Chadasha. The Chadasha Foundation is an international non-profit organisation that provides spiritual and physical healing to those who cannot afford help in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. I also worked with community medical services and handling construction projects with the charity Madres, based in La Descubierta and Los Pinos

Izzy Goddard: Why did you choose to work here with COPA?
Candy Reyes: I was actually looking for a different job at the time but a friend introduced me to the organisation and I was immediately interested. I have a past working with charities but have never worked with educational projects before. I think that the work COPA is doing is incredibly beneficial to the communities and I wanted to be part of that.

Izzy Goddard: What do you hope to achieve in your time working for COPA?
Candy Reyes: Alongside helping some of the teachers gain their certificates to teach, I hope to become a better person and a greater servant for Christ.

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