One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world -Malala Yousafzai

COPA has provided a school in La Hoya since 1992 and in Bombita since 1996. Qualified teachers are recruited from around the world to work as Education Advisers alongside local teachers and head teachers to maintain a high standard of education and provide support suggestions leading to more effective teaching and professional development.

In La Hoya and Bombita children attend school for four hours per day (either in the morning or afternoon). Children begin their schooling in the Pre-School and complete their education in Grade 8. The school day starts with an assembly and raising the Dominican flag. The children are regularly encouraged to give a short talk, say a prayer or sing a song during the assemblies. The schools follow the Dominican curriculum and the classrooms are colourfully decorated with murals and posters. COPA is able to buy resources and materials with the donations from COPA supporters and sponsors.

After completing their education at the COPA schools, students have the opportunity to attend the local state secondary school or a Catholic High School in Barahona. The trade room project in Bombita also provides a number of students with the opportunity to learn a trade as an alternative to further education. A number of former COPA students have now attended University.

COPA supports a youth work project in each community, which provides a place for young people after school.