We are currently looking for a new Project Director to further the work of COPA in the Dominican Republic.

Role: Project Director
Location: Barahona Province, Dominican Republic
Contract Length: 3 years
Start Date: January 2017
Remuneration: Local wage plus accommodation and health insurance.

Overall Purpose of the role:

1. To implement COPA policy as established jointly by COPA UK, COPA USA and COPA DR and to coordinate the work of these bodies, advising them as necessary.
2. To lead and proactively manage the development of the projects in La Hoya, Bombita, the Partnership Schools and to identify potential new projects
3. To act as line manager giving support and guidance to the members of the COPA Team in the Dominican Republic
4. To develop the effective operation of Fundación Compañeros de la Comúnidad (COPA DR) including the recruitment of suitable membership

To apply for this position please email copahr@gmail.com for an application form.


1. The COPA Staff in the Dominican Republic
2. The members of COPA DR Executive Committee (Fundación)
3. The COPA Executive Committees in the USA and UK and their Officers
4. The members of the School and Clinic Committees
5. The Head teachers, teachers and ancillary staff in the COPA Schools
6. The Doctors, Nurses and staff in the COPA Clinics


1. The Communities of La Hoya and Bombita
2. The Government Departments of Education and Health in the Dominican Republic
3. Funding agencies and major contributors to COPA
4. The press and various other media
5. Other Non Governmental Organisations and development charities
6. The suppliers and service providers to COPA DR

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

Working in close cooperation with the Health and Education Advisors, Maintenance and General Administrator and other voluntary staff, the Project Director’s main duties and responsibilities are:
• To further the work of COPA in the Dominican Republic;
• To prepare an Annual Report of the work of COPA in the DR for the Executive Committees of COPA UK and COPA USA, evaluating past targets and formulating future objectives and budgetary needs;
• To be accountable for the COPA finances in the DR ensuring that annual financial budgets are adhered to and that care is exercised in the expenditure of COPA funds;
• To set targets and conduct performance reviews for COPA staff and volunteers;
• To facilitate the induction of new COPA Staff members, offering guidance both before and after their arrival in the Dominican Republic;
• To be responsible for the maintenance and administration of the sponsorship program ensuring that efficient procedures are in place for effective communication with sponsors;
• To preside over the regular meetings of the COPA team in the DR reporting its recommendations to the COPA UK and US committees;
• To have overall responsibility for monitoring the COPA projects in the DR on behalf of COPA UK and COPA USA;
• To keep COPA UK and COPA USA abreast of the progress and needs of the Project, corresponding with them on a regular monthly basis and at other times as necessary;
• To have overall responsibility for the good maintenance of COPA equipment, vehicles and buildings in the DR;
• To develop the effective operation of the Executive Committee of COPA DR, including the recruitment of suitable members;
• To represent COPA UK and COPA USA at meetings of Fundación Compañeros de la Comúnidad (COPA DR) and together with our advisors to attend the meetings of its subcommittees on health and education;
• To represent COPA at meetings of outside bodies both Governmental and Non Governmental
• To negotiate new contracts and agreements to be made, and as necessary, to renegotiate existing contracts with the Dominican Government or other agencies firstly for approval by COPA UK, COPA US & COPA DR and then, representing COPA, to be responsible for their implementation. (Currently negotiating a revised contract with the Ministry of Education relating to their proposals for the introduction of single tanda schooling at our two COPA schools);
• To generate further interest in the work of COPA through writing news items etc., for the COPA newsletters in the UK and USA and the media in general;
• To welcome volunteer work groups to the Project, establishing a suitable time for their visits and, together with the other COPA staff, to ensure that their visits are worthwhile and a profitable experience both for them and for COPA. To arrange for the group’s accommodation and hosting and to assist the visiting team leaders with planning the visit;
• To undertake any other reasonable duties consistent with the responsibilities of the post;