COPA supports communities in the Dominican Republic

Our staff and volunteers have worked alongside local professionals to provide education and health care in the villages of La Hoya and Bombita. During our 30 year history our organisation has grown through a working partnership between committees in the Dominican Republic, the United Kingdom, Guernsey and the USA who provide management, support and fundraising for the project.

As a Christian organisation, COPA seeks to share God’s love and care for the communities of La Hoya and Bombita.

COPA transforms the lives of children and their families by teaching them skills which empowers them to lead self-sufficient lives. Hope is being renewed in the Dominican Republic.

COPA UK Church Service and AGM – SUNDAY 25th September 2022 

We are pleased to invite you to a Thanksgiving Service, led by The Rev Anthony Hick,  celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the first COPA school opening in the Dominican Republic, to be held at 10:30 on the 25th September at Cricklade United Church, Cricklade, SN6 6AZ.

The 31st AGM of COPA UK will be held following the Thanksgiving Service and a short tea and coffee break.  The AGM will be held in person at Cricklade United Church with an option to join remotely, via Zoom.  The meeting will commence at midday but we will start the online Zoom session shortly before to allow everyone to join in good time.

The meeting details have been supplied to all sponsors.  If you would like to join the meeting but don’t have the login details please email

During the meeting we will use the Chat and Polling functions to allow you to vote on motions, to ask questions and to interact with the COPA Committee.

If there are any topics that you would like discussed at the AGM, please send your suggestions to by 18th September 2022 and we will do our best to include them.

Please follow these links to download the Annual Report and AGM Agenda:

COPA Annual Report and Accounts 2022

COPA UK AGM Booklet 2022 – Invitation, Agenda and Reports

COPA Newsletter September 2022a