What’s been happening in La Hoya?

June 2016 – Alisha Ekers

It has been a busy few months in the COPA school in La Hoya. Alisha Ekers, one of our Project Trust volunteers gives us an update on what the children have been doing.

Día del Amor y Amistad (Day of Love and Friendship)
1Back in February we celebrated the ‘Day of Love and Friendship’, the Dominican equivalent to Valentines Day. This is a very important day in the Dominican calendar and the whole school got involved with celebrations. First grade were dancing some Bachata, a typical Dominican dance. The children were allowed to wear their own clothes to school and so they chose their prettiest
outfits. Grade 5 also celebrated with their own fiesta featuring lots of spaghetti and pasta!
We celebrated ‘The Day of Love and Friendship’ in art by learning how to weave in order to create beautiful woven heart pictures. The children also learnt how to make friendship bracelets as a homemade gift for a loved one.

Día De La Independencia (Independence Day)
Aider with flagThe next important day in the Dominican calendar is the 27th of February which is Independence Day. On this day Dominicans celebrate their independence from Haiti and honour the founding fathers of their country. The colours of the Dominican flag could be seen all around the school!
The students in 3rd and 4th grade made their own flags to wave at the Independence Day assembly. Using small pieces of red and blue paper they created a mosaic style flag. This is Aider from 3rd grade holding his flag.

Pinto mi Patria (Paint my homeland)
Anyelos FlagA local competition called ‘Pinto mi Patria’ (Paint my homeland) was held in Barahona where two lucky students had the chance to enter their artwork and compete against other local schools. It was extremely tough to choose only two entries as they worked so hard. However the two winners were Anyelo and Menny from 8A and so their art was entered into the competition in Barahona. Anyelo (pictured) ended up coming 3rd against a number of other local students!
Everyone was very proud of his hard work. Assembly was very exciting. The young ones had their faces painted for the event while the older ones dressed up to put on a spectacular drama and Dominican dance.

Semana Santa (Easter)
6Before Semana Santa I introduced a bit of English culture into my art lessons and explained the tradition of having chocolate eggs at Easter. I decided to host an egg drop competition, inspired by one of my own childhood art competitions.
The children had various materials that they had to use in order to protect an egg from breaking. We then went outside and put their designs to the test. The last surviving egg won the competition!